Queen Titania’s story

Ages ago, in a harem world, three powerful sex Goddesses inspired the sexual pleasure humanity. Those three Goddesses did a promise to bring harmony in sex between all human beings in the world. They crafted a symbol of their presence and oath called the Three-Sex-Force. First one was after Hardcore Sex, the second one was after the Know-How-To Sex, and the third one was into Charming Sex.
And to protect each one of those sex fields, they had to choose a champion to represent them in the harem world.

A well-mannered princess raised to provide comparable sex to future rulers of kingdoms. She was so skilled, that the Goddess of ‘’know-how’’ had chosen her to be her ‘’know-how’’ champion.

Coming from a little village, raised in nature, with joy in her heart, a kind smile on her face, a beautiful farmer girl was chosen by the Goddess of Charming Sex to be her champion. This young girl was so pretty, wealthy, that all princesses and merchants would have sold their kingdom for a night with her.

In a rough desert, the Hardcore Goddess has chosen a champion to represent her. Up to this day normal people in the harem world, still don’t understand this choice. This champion was raised in a rough way. He gave a lot of orgasm to several girls in the whole world, for sure. He gathered the most impressive harem, for sure. But his personality was irrational and irritable, he also was pretty greedy.

Thanks to his sex powers, he managed to hypnotise the other sex champions in his harem. Little by little, all the harem world became Hardcore, provoking an unbalanced world where Charms and Know-How sex slowly disappeared.

The Know-How and Charm Goddesses became less and less powerful. In order not to disappear, they asked some of the remained girls, to go into another world, find a person, that will be able to restore the balance.

Queen Titania is the spirit of harmony. She serves the three Goddesses of sex, mastering all of their styles. For months she fucked with the hero from the other world. Learning him how to give multiples orgasms to several girls, with what it takes of wildness, handsomeness and techniques. After he mastered all of this 3 arts in a harmonious combination, the hero went to defeat the crazy hardcore champion.

He managed to free out the Charm and Know-How champions thanks to sex battles, which lasted for several days. The number of orgasms couldn’t be counted, but the violence of this battles created an enchanted law, full of all the body fluids that flowed at that time.

Once the balance was reestablished, the three Goddesses continued to compete for each other to the domination of the sex matters. They always wanted a hero, and the story often repeated itself. But Titania never kept on watching after harmony in the world. She secretly guarded the world, waiting for a new hero to come in the harem world to prevent from unbalancing.

She recently heard about a certain creature, calling himself the Dark Lord. Seem that she can recognise in him the former champion of Hardcore. She stays calm, trying to detect a hero of Sex Harmony if the past disaster events had to happen again….