Next week : The player’s profile!

A totally new feature will come to the game
Next week : The player’s profile!


  • Information
    In this specific page, you will be able to see a lot of information about your own profile or others when you visit their own page. Team battle, size of the harem, level, specialization and lot of other information will be displayed on this.


  • Customization
    • Change your avatar : on launch, all the different avatar currently in the game will be available to change them. And more will come in the future.
    • Change your nickname : a feature requested by numerous player will now be available. You will be able to change once for free and will need to spend a few kobans for more changes.
    • Customize the background : We created some unique background to let you personalize your own page. We are also planning to release more and more to be sure that you find one you really like.
    • Customize your character : Our hero is awesome, yet we are sure that you can fit him with style.

  • Show your favorite girls! Do you have some very rare girls? Or you want to show who is your ultimate waifu? It will now be possible as you select a background image on which you will be able to display your favorite girls in the pose of your choice !

  • Share it with your friends When you are proud of something, you want to show it to everyone. In 2 clicks, you will have an url to distribute among your friend. Even if they do not have an account on the game, they will be able to see it.


  • Visit friends and foes Impressed by one of your contest’s opponent? Want to follow one of your friend in the game? You will be able to visit each profile from the Tower of Fame, the Arena and the contest leaderboard



  1. Your ideas, in future update, is very AWESOME!
    You have 4 kind set of clothes for characters(in your game). And I want to ask you. Can we see in other update some thing, for example:
    1) In different univers(Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball and The Legend of Zelda) main character, in other stage of history, have one clothes, and the next he have different set. And of course, we know them: Naruto, Ichigo, Goku and Link. I want to know, will be another sets of clothes from those 4 univers for main characters in this game?
    2) And to make it even more interesting, it is necessary to make the order of opening these sets: in the beginning of the game, i.e. level 1, is given, each character of the universe, in their first set of clothes. And, reaching a certain level(either 50 or 100) and you can still add the goal to win the battles(any) 25 to 50 times you can get a cool set of clothes from the main heroes universe. The following costumes will have to get a little longer. And etc.
    P.S.: Sorry for my bad English)

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