BIIIG Update!


World 9 Quest 3 is released: our sexy adventure continues as our hero needs to go through the Cave In Fire and encounters directly Finalemecia for the first time.

Koban’s Shop

We modified the shop’s display to have images describing the koban’s package instead of text.

Introduction of our Monthly Card :

For 300 Nutaku gold, receive 300 kobans within 30 days.
Every day, at your connection, you will receive 10 kobans.
For 30 days, you will be able to collect all the girl’s income in one click for free!


The wording change for the following contest: A perverted mind in a sane body, Minds and bodies synergy and They only are stairs for your glory. Now the description of the objectives will have the energy symbol instead of the word “energy”.

Contest’s rewards will gradually grow until level 400 instead of level 40.

Introduction to a new contest mechanics: Donation of money. You will be able to donate money to specific contest to raise points for it.
Donate 5000 to 10 points
Donate 25000 for 50 points
Donate 100000 for 200 points

Introduction to the contest: Obtain the “sex benefactor” title with the following objectives
Donate to raise points.

Introduction to the contest: Working Holidays
Gain XP
Donate to raise points

Introduction to the contest: Who talked about “corruption”?
Win battles against other players
Donate to raise points


  1. I think the overall changes are good, however, my concern is that this being a flash style game that by pulling in the donations in order to increase a ranking on contest is encouraging those who cheat in games.
    I would have much rather seen an improvement in how to gain mojo. Perhaps, offering Mojo in fighting the chapter boss. you can look at the rankings and see that despite what the mojo is there are people at lower ranking that have more powerful ego’s. ranking by mojo is just as good a system as any system, but the system of gaining mojo needs improved.

    Some suggestions would be:
    1. fighting chapter boss
    2. mojo gain at a higher rate when challenging someone on the rank board who is higher than you.
    3. Mojo gain if someone challenges you with mojo going to the winner.

    I see this actually as a way to increase the use of Boosters

    I also miss seeing energy refill on level increase. This would encourage people to play more, or even see this as a change to see stamina refill on level change.

    Shop change. Having items available instead of timed refresh at all times with option to buy multiple items at one time. Depending on the items classification and character level. (e.g. legendary equipment not being available until level 100) Offer legendary items at a gold cost or a koban cost.

    Harem layout. Instead of scrolling (which doesn’t work all that well) how about a bullet button to change page. say five girls per page.

    Anyhow, enjoying the game. Just suggestions to help the community.

  2. is it normal i don’t see any change about the contest in game?

    “Now the description of the objectives will have the energy symbol instead of the word “energy”.”
    i still see the word energy and no symbol.

    “Contest’s rewards will gradually grow until level 400 instead of level 40.”
    i’m currently lvl 124 and the rewards are 7 kobans for the 1st rank, 3 for 2nd to 4th rank.
    in my memory it was 15 kobans for the 1st and 7 for the 2nd to 4th rank but i’m not sure about that (if it’s tha case then , nit cool :s )

    “Introduction to a new contest mechanics: Donation of money.”
    no trace of that for now…

  3. Hey there! Great work, loving the game from my day one playing! A couple suggestions I really hope are considered.

    Add a button for players who have completed all current missions and are anticipating the next to be added, that uses 10stamina and gives some exp! (Will also help players with events that require using stamina or gaining exp!)

    Specific reward pachinko that players will only gain either equipment, boosters, books, or gifts from with each category costing an appropriate amount to try your luck on

    A money pachinko bet your millions! win big or small or lose it all!

    A tournament type pvp battle system with tier rewards

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