Champions – Meet the Guys


With Sex Champions so close to release, we wanted to share with you a very pleasing part of the rewards you can get – GUYS GUYS GUYS. You can meet them and learn more about who they are and what they like! 



His glory was outshined when you came to the Haremverse. Frustrated by his sudden loss of popularity, Jubei decided to give up on the ninja life and become the sex outlet of the village: his desire for competition turned into an altruistic abmition to serve the people! 



The lifestyle of riches and opulence taught him about the finer things in life. He also developped a taste for luxury and a high level of requirements regarding sex. He is highly experienced and always carries a latex glove to test the anal flexibility of any potential partners before deciding their worth.


He’s not just a regular student – he can see spirits! But power comes with consequence and because he needs to rest, he prefers to hang out at the beach instead of studying for his exams. 

Are you ready to seduce these gorgeous hunks? What secrets can they teach you about the art of sex and pleasure? They’ve learned from the best after all!