Diabolically Sexy

Greetings heroes!


This is the kind of girl you have been hoping to find someday…

She is horny as hell, shameless and wants it rough…She is the sex fiend – Ombresse!


This demonic creature came from another realm where she ignited the sexual inferno. Ombresse burnt down any virtues and shame through her acts of darkness. After her, nothing was the same, everyone in the realm was rolling in the hay and the demon seeds were scattered all over the land!


But Ombresse never gets enough! This girl is still sex-crazed and horny. That’s why she is so obsessed with the Haremverse and all she wants now is to cover her entire body with the seed of a hero. Yes, that hottie knows very well that everyone can fall deeply into her sexual trap, unable to resist the flaming lips and the classy charm of a demonic creature like her.



This sinful girl is going to burn with pleasure in 5 quest grades until the mount of her arousal is climbed and the sex fiend in her is finally tamed!


But the sadistic Donatien has already tied her with ropes permitting her some self-pleasuring from time to time. In these minutes of sensual delight, Ombresse imagines how her hero is coming to release her. And she is getting even more excited because that time is so close! It all starts tomorrow (20th of June) and ends on the 24th of June!



Are you ready to be part of the Legend?