Gay Harem

Kinkoid released its second adult project – Gay Harem – in 2017!


GayHarem, similar to HentaiHeroes, is a spoof browser game featuring, has the most perverted and twisted stories, and also EVERY SINGLE guy from the manga universe, yes, you read it correctly, we are the one of the first companies to create a gay manga game!

You travel into different realms, you have to succeed in many quests, you have to be brave and charismatic, so you can charm all the guys that you encounter. Once that you have at least several guys, you have to battle other heroes and prove that you are the best with the biggest sexual power!

The content, both visual and textual, is original, you can fully customize your profile and the PVP is worthy of the most addictive RPG games’ ones.

To play our game, you don’t need apps, no exe, nothing to install, you just need a browser. You will be able to fuck boys and to enjoy our R-PG18 sensations whenever you like, there are no limitations. We love porn and we want to enjoy it freely and without any prejudices.

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