Meet the Champions!


The Sex Champions will soon look to reward the best lovers in the whole Haremverse. You can already meet them and learn more about who they are and what motivated them to become avatars of sexuality!


Romero is an awkward Ninja. Always looking for new ways to give and receive pleasure, he likes to create mutants devoted to sex. Since he is in love with Jennie, he wants to be sure that men in her Harem are worthy of her!






Wahty is the result of an experiment done by a mad scientist, who he mixed up squid, Shokushu demon and human DNA because it sounded fun. Easily irascible, Wahty can’t stand people in general. He likes to live alone, and only the huge orgies he organises punctuate his loneliness.






Matsuda is a Shinigami. He likes to live a peaceful death. All of his existence is now devoted to purifying souls, even though he does it slowly. His favorite girl, Siave, was also his exclusive girl. They are always together: chilling, enjoying life and drinking sake.





Ryu is one hell of a teacher. He takes care of his students like nobody else. Former member of the Mafia, he knows how hard life can be. At first sight, he can be very scary, but he knows how to make people laugh.






Visor is an elite Ninja. Although he is full of himself, he has a big heart and is dedicated to protecting his people. Elitist and strict, he rarely finds people worthy of his attention. It’s hard for anyone to make him talk.






Alban is a sailor with a strong taste for adventure and girls. He likes to compare himself to others and wants to have the largest Harem in the Haremverse. Enthusiastic and friendly, he’s waiting for you to compete!




Prepare yourself, heroes. These champions will arrive soon in the Haremverse and impressing them is going to be quite the challenge. You will need to pleasure and satisfy all your girls if you desire to put your hands on the other booty they are keeping!


Stay tuned for more information as this very exciting feature is close to release.