Patch-notes 04/04/18

Dear, hero!

What was that with the Legendary Days? You showed yourself as one true hero! I am so proud of you. I hope you enjoyed my little surprise with the Monthly card feature trial! I was heating you up… for the Super Girlzz!

The precious, juicy, trained soldier of yours… is the only one to make the superheroines happy!

Updates! This week, I prepared an update in the Tower of fame, giving you more options to beat others and continue proving yourself and more…


  • The timer for the arena reset will now be displayed on the town screen too.



  • Last week was released a small change that was not displayed in the patch notes :
    • The base needed to level up a girl changed from 5 to 10 and the level multiplier changed from 1.009900826 to 1.0075, creating smoother curves while not requesting more experience overall


Tower of Fame

  • You will now be able to look for ID instead of the rank of the player
  • We will increase our speed of processing data between Tower of Fame updates. This should make disappear nearly all current discrepancies