Patch Notes 07/02/2018

We spoke about this for multiple months now, and it is nearly there, the new version of our Combat system and PVP. We were not really happy of the Harem duel system that was in the game since the beginning. We wanted to provide more complexity and more choices for the players. Combativity was used in both the arena and against the bosses, these two features competing against each other. Also, there was the fact that the bosses from each world were not adapted to the increase of the levels that we introduced in the version 2 of the game.

With these changes, the firsts of numerous to come, we are addressing these specifics points and desire to provide a more compelling experience for you. All the changes that will be introduced to you this wednesday are just below.



  • The reload timer for the combativity will change from 10 minutes for each point to 30 minutes for each point



  • The reward of the PVP will be scaled based on the opponent you took. The highest the difference of level is, greater the reward will be. This system is created to be sure that the arena stays as an interesting option through the whole game, not just in the beginning


Bosses :

  • The cost of combativity against bosses is lowered from 2 to 1
  • The bosses of each world will now level up when a certain amount of battles are done against them
  • When leveling up, his stats will increase as his reward
  • Dark Lord will level up every 10 wins against him, until he reaches level 30
  • Ninja Spy will level up every 9 wins against him, until he reaches level 50
  • Gruntt will level up every 8 wins against him, until he reaches level 70
  • Edwarda level up every 7 wins against him, until he reaches level 100
  • Donatien will level up every 6 wins against him, until he reaches level 130
  • Silvanus will level up every 5 wins against him, until he reaches level 170
  • Bremen will level up every 5 wins against him, until he reaches level 210
  • Finalmecia will level up every 5 wins against him, until he reaches level 260
  • If you lose 5 times in a row against a boss, his level will go down accordingly
  • The currentl level of the boss will be displayed in the world overview
  • The counter regarding the drop of girls will move from an overall system to a counter for each boss. The previous system had an unsatisfactory result. After the update, each boss will count the number of successful fight without a girl as a reward and increase slightly the chance for the next battle
  • As a consequence of the previous point: all the combats done within the previous system will be divided between all the bosses of the game. This is a technical situation created by the fact that our previous system was just taking into account the combats won, not the troll against they were won. So, all players will see his combat done in the previous system equally divided between all the trolls and this will increase his chance to obtain girls accordingly


Daily Missions

  • Solved an issue in which player wouldn’t get items as a reward for their mission beyond level 101.
  • Improved the scaling for the money rewards



  • Beyond level 81, Epic books will begin to appear within the market



  • Introduction of the Harem level: All the girls’ level will be added to each other to provide bonuses to your character
  • The current bonus given by the Harem level is a boost to your endurance and will be the square root of your Harem level multiplied by 50



  • We complexified the matchmaking system within the arena to make it more efficient and more adapted to your current level
  • Battles within the arena won’t use combativity point anymore
  • The matchmaking selection will have a cooldown of 30 minutes before it refreshes
  • After a battle against an opponent, this opponent won’t be selectable before the refresh of the arena
  • The koban’s cost to refresh the arena will go from 36 (6 on Nutaku) kobans to 24 kobans (2 on Nutaku)



  1. Mojo is based on the enemy’s rank compared to yours. The higher they are ranked compared to you the more you can gain. If they are lower than you then you get no mojo.

  2. …..That’s dumb.

    Proportionally lower and higher rewards I could get, but how are the Ranks even supposed to work under this system if you can’t gain points the more effort you put in? For instance, say Kurt wants to displace Armarthai as first, but the level gap between them is too great for them to ever be matched together, what then? How does first place ever even gain points again? And it’s all completely random on top of that. Maybe it’s a matter of the language barrier, but the way these patch notes described it do not match up with the function that came about.

  3. the 30 minute recharge on combativity has slowed the game down. Combined this with the boss leveling up every x battle, changes the reward to a lower amount, added the fact it is now more expensive to add affection. Was making up to a mil a day prior to change. I am now able to generate about 300K if I am lucky.

    The 30 min combativity is not a positive change.

  4. I am close to your level, about 170, and I have more girls than I can currently afford buying affection items right now. All my money goes towards the most expensive boosters that refresh every 8 hours so I can focus on filling out my 5 star girls. Getting the lower items for free does my heavy hitters no good, but I have lots of 3 star girls with no stars in them – for these I can throw the lower common items on, and get them boosted without spending my hard earned money until I need to fill a star out- and then at that point its like getting them slowly boosted for free while my focus is elsewhere, which in turn increases my spending money as a whole vs wasting it on the 5 star fillers.

  5. I think the previous system for girl as rewards worked better, at least for events. On events, I would consistently get all the two girls from battles before day 7, and I got my girl for this event fairly quick (second day), but ever since this new system went up, Dark Lord gained over twelve levels and I haven’t gotten the event girl yet.

  6. i havn’t gotten a single girl since the new system has gone live i got lucky and got the event girls before changes went live.

  7. Wait, did they also nerf the legendary items in this patch too? I just got a Super Sexy item that’s weaker in every single stat than every other item of the same class I have, by a wide margin, even compaired to one 23 levels lower than it! What didn’t get hit?

  8. Well, here are my thoughts about the new updates.

    For now, I have been able to get the two girls from this event without any difficulty. One before the new system and the other one after: I even delay more getting the first than the second.

    It seems to me that bosses have a system of levels is fine. I know it’s a tedious thing to have to fight against them again and again, and that at first they gave less money than we were used to, but I see it more as a future situation; If I keep fighting with them, they will raise the level and at the same time the amount of money I can earn, plus my chances of having a new girl go up in parallel.

    The system to increase the affection I have not seen changes sincerely. For now I have been increasing it slowly.

    The new loading times of the combat points seem good, but only because I no longer have to spend two points, but only one, adding that I no longer need them for the fighting in the arena.

    Los combates en la arena se ven algo desequilibrados, y los puntos de mojo aparencen aleatoriamente. Un punto a mejorar. Aunque me gusta que los tiempos de refresco sean mas cortos ahora.

    In conclusion, the big problem I see is more linked to the girl’s affection system. If it improves this would be more enjoyable, and then would not let people start leaving the game out of anger.

  9. Well , I’m glad that is fine for you . I however , dont play the same way you play . All of my 3 star girls , are maxed out , so all I have left are 5 stars , which , incidentally , the prices are totally ridiculous on .

  10. The update very obvious completely broke girl drops from bosses. Several days of spending 40 or more energy a day on Gruntt and Gruntt also strongly suggest girl drops are either no longer even possible, or so ridiculously rare one shouldn’t ever hope for them.

    Congrats – here’s a reason not to bother with events anymore.

  11. I hear you. I’ve done leveled up Dark Lord to 24 from his starting level, with no drop of the event girl so far.. Use to be 2 good days of grinding & I would get a drop.

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