Patch Notes – 14/02/ Updated!!!

Hello, dear!

More updates on the way!


  • Introduction of the basic class system : Now, when fighting specific class, one of the opponent will receive a 20% bonus for the damage.
  • If an opponent is a Shagger he will have an advantage over an Expert
  • If an opponent is a Lover, he will have an advantage over a Shagger
  • If an opponent is an Expert he will have an advantage over a Lover





  • In the profile edition, you are now able to change class, just below the nickname change
  • The price for changing class is 600 kobans on Hentai Heroes/ 100 kobans on Nutaku
  • You are able to change class once for free
  • Every changes regarding the class system in the future will be provided with a reset of this free change.



  • Previously, the following system was on the server
    • Between 1 to 8 girls : Gifts common and rare appears in the Market
    • Between 9 to 20 girls : The epic items can appear in the Market.
    • Between 21 to 40 girls : Legendary items can appear in the Market and the common disappears.
    • Between 41 to 200 girls : Higher chance to get Legendary gifts.
  • From now on, the following changes will be in place :
    • Between 41 to 200 : Rare items won’t appear anymore and the Legendary gifts have now 20% more to appear.


  • Now your current tier of reward will be highlighted within the contest


*The amount you see is a Hentai Heroes one, which means its bigger! 🙂

Bug Fixes

  • Now losing a Arena Fight won’t bring experience point anymore




  1. Ant clarification if this was intended or a mistake
    Rare item disappear from gifts market (affection) and still exist in equipment market after getting 41+ girl

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