Patch Notes 17/10/18


  • At the end of the week World 10 Quest 6 will be released. After the crazy charm test let’s see how our hero deals with university in the new Know-how lesson quest.


  • Improving the reward of the x1 Epic Pachinko.
    • Previously the x1 Pachinko could drop Equipment (Epic or Legendary), Booster (Epic), Book (Epic), Gift (Epic or Legendary) and a chance to win a Girl. With the current changes, the x1 Epic Pachinko will drop Equipment (Legendary) or Gift (Legendary) and a chance to win a Girl


  • 3 new reward tiers have been added to leagues.
    • Before it was 16-75th place in the same reward tier
    • Now there are tiers for
      • 16-30th place
      • 31-45th place
      • 46-60th place
      • 61-75th place