Patch-Notes 18/04/18


  • The release of World 9 Quest 9: Our hero saved the virgin and the world! It was a close one, and more challenges are lying ahead. Is it time for Becoming a better hero?
  • The release of World 10 Quest 1: Becoming the greatest hero, takes a lot of efforts. Mastery takes an excellent knowledge of the basics, means – Back to School! Take advantage of your time at the Hero’s University!

  • The release of 2 new tutorial quests within world 1 & 2 to reflect more the changes we introduced since the release



  • Change of icons for the following characteristics :
    • Defense against Charm
    • Defense against Hardcore
    • Defense against Know-how
    • Endurance
    • Attack Power
  • The disappearance of the Critical chance
    • Introduction of the Harmony statistic to replace critical chance



  • Now, when fighting against the same class as yours, you will have defense equal to the average of the other two defenses
  • The total of the chance of doing critical attack for the two opponents combined is now a pure value of 50%
  • The system will now compare both opponent luck and distribute the previously mentioned percent between both.
  • Every time that one of the opponents trigger the Harmony, the system will check the specialty of a specific girl of the team and use its special ability :
    • For the first trigger, the Alpha girl’s specialty will be used
    • For the second trigger, the Beta girl’s specialty will be used
    • For the third trigger, the Omega girl’s specialty will be used
    • Beyond the 3rd trigger, the cycle is done again
  • The ability of Hardcore, Wild Burst, will be to do 1.5 the normal damage
  • The ability of Charm, Narcissism, will double your defense against the next attack of your opponent
  • The ability of Know-how, Reassurance, will heal you for 10% of your max ego on your next attack
  • Introduction of the battle’s animation related to these abilities
  • When changing your team, your defense stats will now be displayed
  • Fixes a bug in which some battles would visually continue after one opponent lost



  • Confront your sex teacher Roko Sensei, to impress:
    • Mavin, one that has a Mavin-leous tongue that will please you, for sure
    • Without a doubt, Venam, one that will be melting your heart and at the same time with your clothes.
    • Want to please a girl with a toy?l? Noomye is definitely the girl for you!

For them to join your Harem!

  • Roko Sensei is level 110 and will become more powerful every 7 wins until he reaches level 290
  • To respect more the color coding of the game, now the combat button for bosses will be blue as orange is dedicated to kobans uses.












  • Fixed a bug in which some players couldn’t see their in-game avatar and could not access their profile through the avatar
  • Now the pop-up telling you that you do not have enough money will display the exact amount missing



  • Now a tooltip will tell how a point in your statistics will affect your character before you purchase it