Patch-Notes 21/03/2018


  • The release of the World 9 Quest 8: Eclosion and winged angel. Is Lenaëlle doomed or will our Hero arrive on time to save her virginity?



  • The blue dot will be ON as long as there are fights available within the arena
  • The level and the grade of the girl will be displayed within her icon before the combat and also during team changes
  • Profile from already fought players will be visitable
  • Fix of a bug that was preventing you to change a girl from the team, if you had no girl to switch her. You will now be able to move a girl on different position by just selecting the girl for the desired position
  • Fix of a visual bug in which the green stars (available upgrade in the harem) were displayed as orange stars (grade obtained) within the team changes interface.


Tower of Fame

  • The competition’s icon on the Tower of Fame within the Town will now be a button that will redirect you to the according tab of the Tower.