Patch Notes – 28/01/18




  • Now when you receive a reward from the daily challenges, an overlay will show it to you before you launch a new battle



  • We fixed an issue with the search options within the girls tab that was blocking some players to add new girls in their backgrounds
  • Now, players will be able to change the grade of the girls after they placed them in the background


Epic Pachinko

  • Barell, a powerful and fearless witch will definitely put a spell on you when you recruit her from the Epic Pachinko
  • The always connected and very playful Sifra will ask you to step up your game if you desire from the Epic Pachinko

ava0 (2).png  Asuna_LVL.png


  1. Nice update! Everyone, I have a suggestion:

    Daily missions organized by groups. Common, uncommon and rare quests all together in the list, with their qualities.
    So it’s easier for the player to choose which one they want to complete first.
    Good luck, love your guys work!

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