Patch-notes 28/03/18

Dear, hero!

This week we prepared an interesting update for you! A small improvement is waiting for you in the Arena! A lot of you are intrigued by the Monthly card, so in order to know how cool the monthly card is, you will get a free 3some-day trial! 😉


  • Due to the change in our system, the game will need to be offline for a small amount of time until the update finishes


Monthly Card

  • We are providing a Monthly Card trial of 3 days to all our players
    • New players that will recruit their 7th girl will receive 3 days of the monthly card as a trial
    • Players that already have more than 7 girls will receive the trial at their first connection
    • Players that already have a monthly card active will receive 3 additional days



  • Now, before the combat, villains will display the exact amount of money they reward when they are beaten



  • Now fights in Arena will reward Experience and Affection to the 3 girls in your team
    • The reward will be calculated based on your opponent level


  • Kalissa and Lenaelle will receive their grade 4 and 5

Epic Pachinko

  • Alert! Cop Nika is coming to make the streets safe again while still keeping it sexy
  • Some girls are very naughty and Arianne will definitely keep them in check and punish them for their pleasure


Bug Fixes

  • Bug correction in which swapping a girl position was not updating the hero’s stats, in the team’s selection interface


And, oh! Don’t forget that Legendary Days are coming!