Patch Notes – 31/01/18


  • The game will be now available fully in Spanish and a new discord channel will be created to welcome all the Spanish hentai lovers. Contacting the customer support from the game in Spanish is now available.


  • The affection’s requirement and the cost (in both Kobans and ingame money) for the grades of the Girls will have now a max cap.
    • Beyond the 100th girl, the affection’s requirement and the price for the grades 1, 2 and 3 won’t rise anymore
    • Beyond the 20th girl, the affection’s requirement and the price for the grades 4 and 5 won’t rise anymore
  • The calculation for the koban’s prices for the grade 2 and 3 will be lowered sligthly
  • Samane will receive her grade 4 and 5
  • 2 new girls will appear within the Pachinko :
    Windia, the windwanker

    and Kyoto, the Samouraï


  1. It would also be nice to have clarified in regards to affection how us players would be affected who are already beyond having 20 or 40 or 100 girls, if this means they will receive a reduction in current costs for their affection tokens according to what it would cost the community perspectively, or if the costs of where they are at will not go any higher from now on- hopefully the former. I know I wish I had known this was coming out soon a few days ago, then I could have saved a thousand kobans instead of blowing it on one character to avoid the millions of dollars in cost to upgrade to a 5 star and participated in the epic pachinko for this last event instead. No, I didn’t get a single girl from it either, sadly, and I was active every day.

  2. So, if u don’t like a comment it just doesn’t pass moderation? That is pretty nazi, tho. I didn’t insult anybody and I was polite. Cersor our comments doesn’t make our complains less real =/

  3. Honestly, I didn’t noticed anything changed. Only aff is riddiculous! 8 mil for 5th grade Ankyo? 40k aff pts for 5th grade Abraël? I appreciate, that you work on game for us, players, bud sometimes there is no sence in those numbers. A can accept 10k on 4th grade, even 15-20k but 40k? NO WAY! Same, for price in ingame money – 2mils? Yeah, no prob, 3 mils? Sure. But 8? NO WAY. There is so many things to rebalance, so maybe stop dealing with small things, small updates, before you fix this ruined aff and gold income system. Have fun.

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