Patch Notes 31/10/18




  • Release of the World 10 Quest 7 : With his new knowledge, our hero feels confident that he knows how to pass a test!
  • Overall balance of the energy cost for all the quests of the adventure, especially in the first 5  worlds, giving new players the possibility to advance in the story faster.
  • Overall balance of the experience awarded by the different steps of the adventure.



  • At level 1, the maximum energy will change from 10 to 50.
  • Now every level up will reward with 10 energy points, for each players:
    • From level 1 to 10, players will not receive a full refill anymore
    • Beyond Level 10, players will not receive a full refill on every 10th level
  • These points will be added to the current amount of energy, even if it exceeds the maximum of energy.



  • Akama and Arabella are a bit late, as we announced, but they will arrive in the Haremverse on  this Wednesday!

Arabella                 Akama