Champions – Meet the Girls


With Sex Champions so close to release, we wanted to share with you a very pleasing part of the rewards you can get – GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. You can meet them and learn more about who they are and what they like! 



She’s never been a good ninja, but her bedroom skills make up for it. Fortunately, she is very strong and resilient. This passionate sub wants to be used as a sextoy. When she realized it, she decided to become a sex tool for people to let off steam.


Lissa and her sister are the clones of an extremely powerful dark witch. They were supposed to inherit her soul when she passes on, but one day, a rival witch decided to ruin the plan. 



Albane is a modest and down-to-earth girl. Maybe a bit too much. She’s absent-minded and her head is in the clouds. Dreamy and considerate, her enthusiasm is contagious and she smiles through everything she does – even if she doesn’t always know what’s going on. 


Murane has followed the path of evil for a long time. As she fell in love with one of her professors who became a Shokushu master, she almost yielded to darkness. Thanks to another instructor who saved her from this dangerous path, she was sent to a reform school to be re-educated.


Any is an extremely sophisticated woman. Previously Kunoichi with many dangerous missions completed, she made a fortune thanks to all the information she gathered, the contacts she made and her sponsors who covered her with gold and presents for her services.



Shtupra is the queen of a little remote, yet wealthy, country. This land, often coveted by its neighbours, has a particular political tradition – the queens are elected by the people according to their beauty. Why, you may ask? Well.. For diplomatic reasons, of course! 

Are you ready to seduce these stunning beauties? What secrets can they teach you about the art of sex and pleasure? They’ve learned from the best after all!