The Sexy Survey: Results

What Survey?

This Survey was conducted to help us evaluate the HH players’ attitudes and desires concerning Sara Jay and the involvement of pornstars in the game in general.

The Survey was answered by more than 19,000 players. Here are the results.


And The Results Are…

Our  first question was about Sara Jay as a Haremverse girl. Not surprisingly, a majority of the players enjoyed the appearance of the busty adult star. However, most would have preferred her in a more manga style drawing.  A fair number of people appreciate the idea of having a pornstar in the game, but don’t want Sara Jay in their harems. And almost 9% of the players that answered the Survey are not happy about her presence in Hentai Heroes.


After we found out how you feel about the curvaceous star in the Haremverse, we wanted to know in what type of action would you like to get her (yes, besides that type of action). Most  players were happy with her appearance as a Legendary Girl and don’t want any changes. More than a quarter of the answers agreed that she could be included in the quests, which shows that the players  really want to win her. The third most popular answer was to make her a girl from another type of event; last but not least, 15% of players absolutely didn’t want her into the game.




The last question about Sara Jay, and it’s about her overall fit in the game. The results are very good:79% of players are really satisfied.Around 13% were not so impressed and define poorly her fit in Hentai Heroes. Only 7% of the gamers asked us not to do it again.


Fourth question is more general and is about whether you want to see more real people into the game. a huge percentage of the players want real people in the game. However, 9% would like to see real people who are not pornstars (so, get ready cosplayers and influencers!). Only 10% prefer to keep the Haremverse away from reality and 13% simply don’t know.



So the next time we want to include a pornstar, we should draw it like a manga character. Or at least that’s what 40% of you think.  More than 38% want an adult movie star no matter what, and 13% would like to see one, but not as a Legendary Girl. And the players who don’t want pornstars still said “No” to having one – 8%.


So here comes the really exciting results! Moving on to the “juicy” part of the survey: we wanted to know what you would like to see more of in the Haremverse. It turns out you really have the hots for redhead girls- totally stepping over brunettes and blondes. Your second preference is for Asians chicks,, totally  explaining the constant requests for manga-style art. Third place is for “Bigger boobs” which doesn’t leave any place for the medium and the small sizes. The results for “Milfs”, “Tattoos” and “Bigger butts” are remarkable.

  1. Redheads (48.1%)
  2. Asian girls (44.2%)
  3. Bigger boobs (42.7%)
  4. Medium boobs (39.7%)
  5. Milfs (36.3%)
  6. Tattoos (34.6%)
  7. Bigger butts (32.5%)
  8. Blondes (27%)
  9. Dark skinned (26.3%)
  10. Brunettes (26.2%)
  11. Skinnier girls (20.2%)
  12. Smaller boobs (12.3%)
  13. Smaller butts (12.3%)

Last, but probably the most important question of the Survey, was asking you to pick  the three best pornstars. The results are very surprising because the first three girls are very different from what the answers to the previous questions would suggest.


For the players, the best girl is Riley Reid, brunette with small boobs. Second place for the most desired star is Elsa Jean, who is blonde, skinny, and with small boobs.  Third is Lana Rhoades: also a brunette with small boobs.

  1. Riley Reid (26.7%)
  2. Elsa Jean (25.5%)
  3. Lana Rhoades (25.2%)
  4. Angela White (20.9%)
  5. Melody Wylde (17.1%)
  6. Christy Mack (16.5%)
  7. Mia Malkova (15.6%)
  8. Cherry Crush (15.2%)
  9. Dani Daniels (13.5%)
  10. April O’Neill (12.6%)
  11. Lisa Ann (12.2%)
  12. Ariana Marie (9.5%)
  13. Ava Addams (9.4%)
  14. Nikki Benz (9.4%)
  15. Sophie Dee (9.1%)
  16. Bonnie Rotten (9.1%)
  17. Kendra Lust (8.4%)
  18. Gina Valentina (7.1%)
  19. Joanna Angel (5.1%)
  20. Sarah Banks (4.9%)
  21. Skin Diamond (4.9%)



You, our heroes, would have liked it better if Sara Jay was drawn in a more manga-style way. But the majority of you  wouldn’t change her involvement in the game as a Legendary girl. More than half of you (around 67%) would like to see more real people, especially pornstars drawn in manga style..

The ideal Haremverse girl will be a redhead Asian with big boobs. And 36% would like her to be a Milf.  Despite that description, the pornstars most of you want to see in the game are

Riley Reid, Elsa Jean, Lana Rhoades. It is a bit confusing, but in the Haremverse everything is possible. And you don’t have to choose: just catch them all.

Thank you for your support and time, dear heroes. We will keep giving you the sexy and positive entertainment you desire, integrating as much as possible your answers in the future of the game.