Orbs FAQ

 Orbs FAQ   If the news hasn’t reached you yet, we have our new feature – the Pachinko Orb. To celebrate this release Kinkoid is giving away two free Epic

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Castlevania Series Review

Hey there naughty!   If you know anything about the short history of gaming, Castlevania for you is at least a known name that people praise every now and then.

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Adventure and Villain Battles

Stepping in the Haremverse can be a bit confusing at first. But this article will help you navigate through the fantastic world of horny gorgeous ladies and adventure. So let’s

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Cross-Promotions Explained

If you’ve already collected Kobans by registering for another adult game from our special Sex Friends page or you already have Mizuki in your Harem, then you’ve taken advantage of

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Ishtar Feast Event

Healers!   The sensual Desire Feast in honour of the Goddess Ishtar is approaching and you know what that means…It’s time for a lavish celebration that will bring divine joy

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A Legendary Romance

Greetings, heroes!   A new wet romance is about to begin! But don’t think that this is going to be the typical love story about a sexy girl, a hard

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Stay Home Bundle

My bold adventurer!  Roses are red  Violets are blue I’m staying at home, but thinking of you… and using my hand! For all the people who are staying at home,

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Love Event

Hey lovers, keep up the good cLicking!   It’s time to meet the inevitable…Love! Those which strikes after having (c)licked so many girls needing instant excitement. No, this is not

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Haremverse Girls Go Live

For the first time in the Haremverse history, there will be a live stream from the land of the sexually free and always horny girls. Join the Hentai Look-Alike Party to see ravishing beauties cosplaying your favorite Haremverse lewd ladies!

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Valentine Event

Hey, ardent healers!   Forget about the cheesy love messages, the kitschy souvenirs, and all the sentimental clichés! It’s time to spend 5 passionate Valentine’s days with a fallen angel!

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👄🧛‍♂️🍷All things considered, @NXOnNetflix's @Castlevania is – majestic, easy-going, brutal, charming, beautiful, funny, touching and delightful.
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