New artist joins the Gay Harem team

Hi gaymers,


We’ve shared with you in the past that we’re expanding the Gay Harem team. We were looking for new artists to join so we can amp up the production of content and the quality of our art. We searched far and wide because we wanted to find someone who understands our core values as a company and will not only draw for the game, but help it develop and flesh it out. We’re happy to say that we believe we’ve found the right person!


We have hired a new drafter for Gay Harem. He’s a very talented artist with great skills and is able to not only draw sexy sexy guys, but also give soul and life to his creations. We were very impressed by his portfolio and offered him a place in our team.


For his own well being and comfort, we won’t share his brand name or social media pages, so he can focus on bringing you the hottest guys you’ve seen in the game.


Our new artist started working with us last week and he’s already preparing content for the game. We’ve prepared a few pieces he’s done:


Do keep in mind that these are a work in progress and are subject to change.


We’re very excited to welcome our new addition to the Gay Harem team and hope that together we’ll be able to do some really exciting projects. As a disclaimer, his work will be visible and available in the game from September onwards.


Hentairly yours,


The Gay Harem Team

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