A Golden girl!

Greetings, dear all!

An unsatisfiable nymphomaniac is coming back to test new things with you!

But this insatiable lady is already captured by a villian! From the 21st up to the 24th of October, she will rely on you to save her from Donatien. You know, you are the Hero, the only one capable of saving her with the power of his lust!   

You want to know more about this mysterious lady and her sexual preferences?

She is a humanoid of the were-rabbit family who possess the extraordinary power of travelling between dimensions. What she wants from you is – savage and fast fornication! Impress her with brutal tenderness and soft brutality!

When this girl plays with her 5 sextoys, wow, she turns into “Golden Bunny”. In this state, you will need to use more brutal intercourses, to make her cum, to make her golden hair shine like the sun!

And it is not only this, that powerful lady has 5 affection grades, oh, for sure, she is so horny!

So, you already know what is expecting you after this Halloween pleasures? One of the most popular girls in this world, a real star, the sex symbol of the Haremverse!

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