Attraction Presentation

Gay Harem is all about seducing amazingly hot fantasy guys and inviting them in your harem. It’s about that special feeling you get with each new gorgeous guy joining, that moment of pure joy and pride that he is joining your harem. That moment of sweet anticipation to start exploring him. All of these positive emotions sometimes get obliterated by the frustration of fighting too long with a boss or playing Pachinko without winning a guy. So during the past months we have been trying to figure out how to turn this issue into a feature and your doubts about the drop rate into excitement.
At the release of the game this system was fitting and was working very well, but as we keep increasing the number of guys in the Haremverse and also improving the game with new features, we are not satisfied with it anymore. Coming from that point, and listening to your feedback, we decided that we need changes.


We created Gay Harem to offer you, the players, a fun and positive game. And we are not going to risk the overall experience being negative because of a mathematical problem. We explored multiple options like putting a hard limit on the maximum number of fights you need to do before seducing a guy. Yet none of them were satisfactory and would be potential design limitations as the game continues its evolution in the future or would not be so easy to grasp at first glance. We wanted to create a system that would be a base to build upon; a system that is clear and will allow you to follow your progress by giving you an achievable goal.These are the 2 main reasons that motivated our decision to go with the Attraction.  The principle is quite simple: each of the guys who are not in your harem yet, will have to be seduced by increasing him attraction to you

They will be distributed as rewards for multiple actions in the game. You will be able to keep track of their collection in your Harem, for each of the concerned guys.

When you have completed the attraction requirement for a guy, you would have essentially seduced him and he joins with your Harem with pleasure. Once he is part of your harem, you will not get anymore of him Attraction, as he is totally seduced. Yet, if you have collected more than the requirements, the Attractions will be transformed automatically into Affection, showing that your particular attractiveness was exceptionally effective on him.

As the goal of the Attraction is to improve the current system to seduce guys at release this specific feature will work in tandem with 2 other ones : the single spin of the Epic Pachinko and the rewards against villains. In both cases, the chance of obtaining these specific rewards will be vastly superior compared to the ones of seducing a guy with the current system. As you will be able to follow the evolution attraction of each specific guy, you will be able to evaluate more precisely your chance of seducing him and  while keeping the feeling of accomplishment when you win him.


Another important part of the feature is that the Attraction of a guy will be preserved in your harem and will not expire over time. The guys in the Haremverse have good memory and will definitely remember you. So even if a guy is not available anymore or if you decide to seduce another guy, there will be no jealousy in your harem- you will keep all your progress with a guy until you totally seduce him.


Next to these huge improvements, the Attraction will give you the ability to seduce guys in more different manners as we continue to develop the game even further! Indeed, as we will follow the reception of this feature and we see fit, we will be able to introduce this attraction system as rewards in different features quite easily.

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