Can you impress
the hottest hunks?

Gay Harem is a gay oriented, yaoi, R-PG18 browser game featuring naughty stories with many hot guys from popular manga, anime, comic books, movies and pop culture!
You’ll have the chance to seduce hot guys, show them the beauty of love, tame their minds and bodies and invite them to join your very own Harem.
Now is the time to become the greatest and most famous lover in Haremverse history!
Give this R-PG18 a try. Live out this adventure anywhere, anytime and on any device.

See you in the Haremverse!

300,842 players


Game news

Patch Notes 23/10/19



  • Change amount of money able to donate in the contest section.
    • In the “Contests” section, the donations have been increased from 5k, 25k and 100k to 100k, 1M, 10M. To match the changes the points have also been updated and increased to 200, 2000 and 20000. 


Bug fixes 

  • Fix the bug, that makes a bundle reset its timer with every login.

Patch Notes 16/10/19


  • During Wednesday’s update the game will be down for about 30 minutes.



  • Direct link from the Champion’s Guys to the Market in order to upgrade them easily



  • Adding a new Header for the mobile version of the game


Patch Notes 30/09/19



  • Improving the quality of the Books and Gifts in the Market:


    • Improved rarity of Gifts and Books for higher-level players;
    •  Players level 200 and beyond will no longer be sold common quality books and gifts in the Market.



  • The  Champions’ class and 5 poses (for the current rotation) will now be visible.



  • On the last stage of a Champion, all 12 poses are now used.

Patch Notes – 29/05/19


  • Release of World 6 Quest 7: It is time for our hero to come back from the  dead and someone very special is waiting for him.
  • Release of World 7 Quest 1: Now lost in an unknown  forest, he will make some discoveries.
  • The new World will introduce 4 new boys in dire need of  rescue.
    • The Magical guy Ezra will be Hardcore and the main guy  in that world
    • The Charm Ranger Leander, will be seducible from the Vilain Sylvanus
    • The Hardcore Titan King, will be seducible from the Vilain Sylvanus
    • Last but not least, the Know How chief Oreus, will be seducible from the Vilain Sylvanus

Ezra                                                      Leander

Titan King                                                Oreus


  • World 7 villain will drop 8500 ¥mens when battles are won.
    • His base level will be 55
    • His max level will be 170
    • Villain will level up every 5 battles





  • The World 7 “Magic Forest” Bundle costs 6.99 € and offers 2,760/460 Kobans; 7,500,000 ¥mens; 1,500 Energy; 60 points of Combativity and a “Magical Guys” Legendary set.

Gay Harem Patch Notes 17/04/19

  • Pachinko
    • New Epic Pachinko Draft
      • Pachinko Draft will present a choice of 2 guys. Players will be able to choose 1 of the 2 available guys by clicking on the desired guy
      • Pachinko Draft  will include Event girls as well when available
      • The cost for Draft is 6000/1000 kobans
      • In the case of disconnection or technical issues, the two available choices will be saved, so next time the player goes to the Pachinko menu, he will be able to resume where he left off.
      • Epic Pachinko Draft is providing only guys, no items

    Profile Page

    • Club information has been added to the Hero Page
      • The Club name will be below the user’s nickname
      • The Club name will be a clickable link redirecting to the Club information page

Patch Notes 03/04/19


  • Release of a new feature for the clubs : the Upgrades
  • Each Upgrade is providing one of the following bonuses  
    • Member Cap (1 for Level)
    • Hardcore stat (0.5% per level)
    • Charm stat (0.5% per level)
    • Know-how stat (0.5% per level)
    • Endurance stat (0.5% per level)
    • Harmony stat  (0.5% per level)
    • Experience gain (0.5% per level) within
      • Quests
      • PvP arena
      • PvP Leagues
      • Daily Missions
      • Arena Daily Quest
      • ToF Rewards
    • ¥men gain (0.5% per level) within :
      • Villains Fight
      • PvP Arena
      • Arena Daily Quest
      • Daily Missions
      • League Season Rewards
      • Contests
      • Tower of Fame Rewards
  • In order for a club to Upgrade, all members need donate resources. There will be 3 options per currency
    • For ¥men:
      • 100 K
      • 1 M
      • 10 M
    • For Kobans:
      • 60 Kobans 
      • 300 Kobans 
      • 600 Kobans 
  • The club’s Upgrades will cost the following :
    • From level 1 to 10 : 2,500,000 ¥mens, additional, for each level
    • From level 11 to 20 : beginning at 1,800 Kobans, the price goes up by 300 Kobans every level
  • The level maximum for one upgrade is 20
  • Any player can donate for any Upgrade level that is available any number of times.
  • Once the bar for that level has been filled, the Upgrade is done and all Club members get the bonus for it and the next Upgrade becomes available.
  • Once the maximum level is reached, you can’t Upgrade this specific part of the club.


Monthly Card

  • Release of the Gold Monthly Card, an upgrade of the current Monthly Card
  • The Monthly Card allows free collection of Money from Harem, x10 Troll fight and x15 Fights in the leagues
  • The old Monthly Card (now called Silver Monthly Card) will still be available
  • If a player has already purchased a card but wants to upgrade, he will be able to do so at any point
    • The resources remaining from the old card(s) will be automatically recalculated according to the new card ratio (1 day of the Gold is worth 3.34 days of Silver Monthly Card)
    • The purchase of a new Gold Monthly Card will be necessary to upgrade
    • Downgrade won’t be possible
  • The price is € 9.99 / $ 9.99 / ¥1299 and will give 150 daily Kobans for a total of 4,500 Kobans

Patch Notes 20/03/19


  • Hotkeys & shortcuts have been added to Hentai Heroes. This is what you can use now:
    • Pressing Enter or ␣Spacebar closes normal pop-ups – like the rewards one
    • Pressing Enter on Koban confirmation pop-up accepts the spending, Escape key closes it
    • Pressing Enter on energy recharge pop-up accepts the recharge, Escape closes it
    • Clicking the → Right arrow during active quest is moving ahead until there is no more energy
    • Club page pop-up Enter key counts as confirmation and Escape as a rejection
    • On payments/offer screens Escape will close the pop-up




  • New Reroll feature has been added to the Epic Pachinko.
    • When players play x10 Epic Pachinko they will have the option to reroll the guy, after the other rewards has been accepted
    • The rerolled guy will not be in the existing pool, a new guy will appear each time until the reward has been confirmed
    • Players will be able to reroll until they confirm the reward
    • No rerolls will be available when there is one guy left in the pool
    • The reroll cost is 600 Kobans
  • Common Items are removed from the Great Pachinko. It will drop only Rare or greater quality items
  • Epic Equipment will be removed from the Epic Pachinko. It will only drop Legendary Equipment
  • Legendary Books, and Boosters will also be included in the Epic Pachinko


Patch notes 13/03/19


  • As an improvement of our tutorial, we disabled the event information for new players until they reach the 5th quest of World 2 “Save the prince”



  • You will be able to drag and drop items from the market to your inventory to purchase the items
  • You will be able to drag and drop items from your inventory to your equipment

Patch Notes 06/03/19


  • 1 hour downtime for all games from 10:00 A.M (UTC 2) for maintenance and optimisation of new features.



  • Legendary items overall balance (will impact only the new items generated after wednesday’s patch)
    • The Super sexy/rainbow items will see their stats doubled
    • The endurance/though items will see their stats doubled
  • Change the values for existing boosters like duration, ego and damage
    • For common Ginseng roots duration from 8 h to 24 and from 220 endurance to 100 of Hardcore, Know-How and Charm
    • For common Jujubees duration from 8 h to 24 and from 200 to 400 points of harmony
    • For common Chlorella duration from 8 h to 24 and from 250 to 1200 points of ego
    • For common Cordyceps duration from 8 h to 24 and from 35 to 300 points of damage
    • For rare Ginseng roots duration from 36 h to 24 and from 450 endurance to 350 of Harcore, Know-How and Charm
    • For rare Jujubees duration from 36 h to 24 and from 425 to 1400 points of harmony
    • For rare Chlorella duration from 36 h to 24 and from 620 to 4200 points of ego
    • For rare Cordyceps duration from 36 h to 24 and from 130 to 1050 points of damage
    • For epic Ginseng roots duration from 72 h to 24 and from 950 endurance to 1225 of Hardcore, Know-How and Charm
    • For epic Jujubees duration from 72 h to 24 and from 1000 to 4900 points of harmony
    • For epic Chlorella duration from 72 h to 24 and from 1200 to 14700 points of ego
    • For epic Cordyceps duration from 72 h to 24 and from 200 to 3675 points of damage
  • Introduction of Legendary boosters
    • Adding legendary boosters at 90 kobans that gives new bonuses based on your basic stats and your equipment.
    • For Legendary Ginseng roots will receive a 6% boost on Hardcore, Know-How and Charm for 24h
    • For Legendary Jujubees will receive a 20% boost on harmony for 24h
    • For Legendary Chlorella will receive a 10% boost on ego for 24h
    • For Legendary Cordyceps will receive a 10% boost on damage for 24h
  • Legendary books introduction
    • Legendary Books will provide 1000 experience points and will cost 200.000 hymens
    • Legendary Magazine will provide 1500 experience points and will cost 300.000 hymens
    • Legendary Encyclopedia will provide 2000 experience points and will cost 400.000 hymens
    • Legendary Spell Book will provide 2500 experience points and will cost 500.000 hymens


  • We are currently investigating the weekly reward situation, more news as soon as possible.

Patch Notes 21/02/19


  • You will be able to spend 15 battles for the leagues in one button:
    • The button to do so will be available only if you have 15 points on 15, otherwise it will invite you to purchase a recharge
    • The 15 combats will be done against the lowest level opponents still available
    • If you do not have have 15 combats lefts in your current league, the button is disabled
    • To use the button will cost you 2 kobans