Gay harem

Can you impress
the hottest hunks?

Gay Harem is a gay oriented, yaoi, R-PG18 browser game featuring naughty stories with many hot guys from popular manga, anime, comic books, movies and pop culture!
You’ll have the chance to seduce hot guys, show them the beauty of love, tame their minds and bodies and invite them to join your very own Harem.
Now is the time to become the greatest and most famous lover in Haremverse history!
Give this R-PG18 a try. Live out this adventure anywhere, anytime and on any device.

See you in the Haremverse!

300,842 players


latest update

Patch Notes Week #23


  • Contests & Path of Attraction Notification


    • Whenever there is progress on a contest or on a challenge in Path of Attraction, a notification will appear with the achieved progress and points gained from the task.


    • Example: If you are participating in the contest “Minds and bodies synergy” give experience to guys, a notification showing how much points you have gained towards it after you give an XP book.
  • Release hour
    • Reminder 

The weekly rewards of the Tower of Fame will keep being distributed at 00 am (UTC+1) on Mondays. The hour remains the same even though we changed the release time of events


The release hours for events and all other updates remain 


  • 1 PM Server time (UTC+1), West Europe 
  • 7 am to 9 am South America
  • 4 am to 7 am North America


And to celebrate PRIDE Month, there will be special redeem codes with different rewards every week. Follow our Facebook page and Twitter to find the codes. Happy Pride!