Gay harem

Can you impress
the hottest hunks?

Gay Harem is a gay oriented, yaoi, R-PG18 browser game featuring naughty stories with many hot guys from popular manga, anime, comic books, movies and pop culture!
You’ll have the chance to seduce hot guys, show them the beauty of love, tame their minds and bodies and invite them to join your very own Harem.
Now is the time to become the greatest and most famous lover in Haremverse history!
Give this R-PG18 a try. Live out this adventure anywhere, anytime and on any device.

See you in the Haremverse!

300,842 players


latest update

Patch Notes 02/12/19


  • The long requested by the community feature toggle button for buying several stats from the market will be added in the game. 
    • The new feature will come with x1, x5, x10, x25, x50 and x100
    • The toggle button will change amounts upon clicking 



New cross-promo page

  • A cross-promo page will show both active and completed cross-promotions. 
    • Located in the menu of the home page, users will be able to click on a banner which redirects them to the promoted game 
    • After certain criteria has been fulfilled, players will be able to  claim the reward from the cross-promotion page