Halloween Event

Hey, Wicked Healers!


The gates of hell are about to open, and demons will roam freely in the Haremverse! The evilest and most seductive of them will come to celebrate Halloween gloriously with you for 10 whole days – from the 28th of October (5pm UTC+1) to the 7th of November (5pm UTC+1)

And she is a really fierce demon! Abraël is a succubus and a former cumfiture maker! Always thirsty for warm cum, this girl sucks and swallows every last drop…But because of the dreadful curse put on the entire Haremverse- the Mist, she couldn’t find this most precious juice for so long! 

Now, her time has come! Abraël is going to arise along with all the evil spirits hoping that her voluptuous body will be pleasured by gifted sexual healers and she will drink liters of their curative syrup. 
But this supernatural hottie has even bigger plans! Thinking about the Haremverse’s welfare, she needs your healing juices in order to create medicine that will help all these doomed beauties to feel pleasure again. It’s her fight against the Mist’s injustice!


So, what do you need to do to have her in your Harem and give her all the pleasure of swallowing your magic elixir?

First, you will be able to play the Halloween event, if you have worked harder in the naughty office and your stage is over 1250.

The event will consist of a few stages which will give you rewards. Reaching 400, you will get 250 Affection. At stage 800, you will be rewarded with 2000 Kobans. If you keep on (c)licking until 1200, you will receive 800 Affection. And you shouldn’t stop doing it because the rewards will become even bigger! Stage 1600 will give you 4000 Kobans and…stage 2000 will reward you with Abraël!!!


And how can you play the Halloween event?

First, click on the Event button in order to access it:

There you can start leveling up the Girls so that you will be able to reach every reward stage faster. You will also notice that the event has a dedicated Forge where you can receive Mojo and Affection. The event will also include Crafts and Shop to get to more intense excitement!




Don’t stop (c)licking until the girl cums in your Harem!


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