Patch Notes 20/03/19


  • Hotkeys & shortcuts have been added to Hentai Heroes. This is what you can use now:
    • Pressing Enter or ␣Spacebar closes normal pop-ups – like the rewards one
    • Pressing Enter on Koban confirmation pop-up accepts the spending, Escape key closes it
    • Pressing Enter on energy recharge pop-up accepts the recharge, Escape closes it
    • Clicking the → Right arrow during active quest is moving ahead until there is no more energy
    • Club page pop-up Enter key counts as confirmation and Escape as a rejection
    • On payments/offer screens Escape will close the pop-up




  • New Reroll feature has been added to the Epic Pachinko.
    • When players play x10 Epic Pachinko they will have the option to reroll the guy, after the other rewards has been accepted
    • The rerolled guy will not be in the existing pool, a new guy will appear each time until the reward has been confirmed
    • Players will be able to reroll until they confirm the reward
    • No rerolls will be available when there is one guy left in the pool
    • The reroll cost is 600 Kobans
  • Common Items are removed from the Great Pachinko. It will drop only Rare or greater quality items
  • Epic Equipment will be removed from the Epic Pachinko. It will only drop Legendary Equipment
  • Legendary Books, and Boosters will also be included in the Epic Pachinko


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